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Some Facts About Coil Cleaning: As stated by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), “It is impossible to determine the cleanliness of a coil simply by looking at the surface. The surface can be bright and shiny, but the inside can be plugged solid!”

  • Pressure washers and garden hoses are originally designed to perform tasks, such as cleaning vehicles and side walks.
  • Both systems only clean the surface.
  • Professional Coil Cleaning’s Patented System is designed to solve this problem and deep clean your coils to assure the optimum performance of your unit combined with substantial maintenance and savings.

Professional Coil Cleaning power cleans your A/C Condenser & Evaporator Coils up to 10 times faster and cleaner than the traditional Methods (e.g. High Pressure Washers and Garden Hoses) used by most Companies and it costs less!

We Have…

  • A New, Unique Process
  • Special EquipmentSelf Contained Trucks

Our Patented System pushes up to 45 gallons of Waterflow per minute at an adjustable and precise PSI rate. However, it is gentle enough not to harm your Units. Our Systems are able to deep clean your Coils. Other Methods only clean the surface and push the dirt even deeper inside the Coils.

Quick Facts:

  • In wet conditions, it takes 24 to 32 hours for most mold spores to germinate.
  • Modern Fin design can severely restrict the effectiveness of the pressure sprayer beyond about one inch of the coil.
  • Better visible results are obtained by cleaning from both sides, but unfortunately, this often packs the particulates (debris) further into the coil interior, causing an increase in the air pressure drop through the coil.
  • Good coil cleaning procedures have to start when coils are put into operation, not two or three years down the road.
  • We have removed contaminated coils, soaked them in various coil cleaners — over night — and were still unable to remove the packed biological mass from the interior surfaces.
  • If the floor is cleaned twice a week and the coil once a year, there is 100 times more attention paid to floors than to coils and the coils supply the air we breath.


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